Under Control Pro High Socks Olive-green

Under Control Pro High Socks Olive-green

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Under Control Pro High Socks

Positioned on the arch of the foot, it ensures an unequalled support so that blood flow is regenerated and detoxed. Your feet hold to the shoes and your strides are made stronger. No slipping, no twisting, no creasing occurs.

The Tops of the Under Control Pro High Socks 

  • Seamless, in one layer and without elastic, these do not have a tourniquet effect; the calf is not compressed and pressure is relieved at the ankle. 
  • Knitted in merino wool, the socks protect your toes from colds and chills. Feet stay warm and dry. Overheated feet, blisters and fungal diseases are prevented.
  • Ventilated mesh areas around the ankle and top of the foot allow these parts to breathe, thus wicking away humidity and perspiration.
  • These compression socks benefit from the 3D Dots technology, one feature of which is to absorb shocks and vibrations.
  • The 3D dots protect the Achilles tendon and the malleolus, which are cushioned against shocks.
  • The 3D dots help discharge excess of water and perspiration.
  • Multi-points massaging on the sole area activate blood circulation.
  • Foot posture optimisation and easy blood circulation are fully guaranteed.
  • Additional padding at the toe piece helps gripping during extreme descents.