Under Control Full Socks Black

Under Control Full Socks Black

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Under Control Full Socks

These special full compression socks will suit specialised tactical footwear and help the tactical operators to perform at their highest potential.

The Tops of the Under Control Full Socks 

  • Your feet breathe in your boots! The full socks, made in an ultra-ventilated mesh allow no moisture, no humidity and no overheat.
  • An arch support allows freedom of movement as it reinforces posture during exercises and stimulates venous return.
  • Sewn with no hems and seams and no elastic, these full compression socks do not restrict the muscles. No tension, no pressure.
  • Maximum grip is guaranteed due to the 3D.Dots acupunctured-technology. You won`t slip during effort and blood circulation will be stimulated.
  • Those same 3D.Dots help absorb shocks and dampen impact; the Achilles tendon is cushioned up and protected.
  • As shocks are absorbed, muscle fatigue is delayed and muscle injury is limited.
  • The toe piece fits ergonomically; your toes are neither smothered nor compressed during effort.
  • These full socks do not retain water and provide thermal insulation at any altitude and resist to intense UV rays.
  • The hydrophobic nature of the fabric makes these full socks anti-bacterial and non-fungal.
  • Worn after extensive workouts, drills, training sessions or strenuous missions, these full socks prevent toxins and lactates build-up.