Raider T-Shirt Black
Raider T-Shirt Black
Raider T-Shirt Black

Raider T-Shirt Black

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Raider Compression Shirt SS

This first layer tactical gear, made in innovative and certified fibres, combines thermo-regulating properties and support to provide optimum performance while operating under extreme conditions.

The Tops of the Raider Compression Shirt SS  

  • This tactical top outfit is woven without seams, thus guaranteeing lightness (0.9gms/cm3) and comfort.
  • A spin control compression zone helps you maintain postural alignment of the shoulders and spinal cord.
  • Optimum oxygenation is achieved. You breathe easily and without limits.
  • It evacuates heat and sweat rapidly; your tactical shirt remains dry and fresh whatever be the effort you are delivering.
  • Its unique weaving pattern promotes air circulation and provides perfect balance between the outside and inside temperatures.
  • As its thermo-regulating body temperature, you are protected against extreme colds.
  • If confronted to intense heats, this raider tactical shirt creates a protective shield.
  • It also has a “compression-massage-strengthening” function that helps eliminate toxins. Recovery is arrived at faster.