Raider Shirt Black
Raider Shirt Black
Raider Shirt Black
Raider Shirt Black

Raider Shirt Black

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Raider Compression Shirt LS
This tactical compression long-sleeved shirt is an essential gear during special operations that involve intensive workouts, drills, crossfits or training sessions.

The Tops of the Raider Compression Shirt LS

  • Woven directly in the fabric, a light spin control compression zone helps you maintain postural alignment of the body.
  • Postural alignment of the shoulders and the spinal cord allows optimum oxygenation and breathing capacity.
  • 3D patches equip the shirt`s sleeves to compress targeted biceps and forearms. Fully ergonomic, they prevent shocks and vibrations.
  • The V-neck allows no discomfort and does not restrict the neck area.
  • Made in a hydrophobic fibre, it repels moisture and evacuates sweat rapidly. The tactical shirt is not damp nor does it get heavy with water.
  • Its unique weaving pattern promotes air circulation and provides perfect balance between the outside and inside temperatures.
  • Thermo-regulating, it does not allow the body to rise or drop in temperature. It provides real protection against cold in winter and can hardly be felt during intense heat.
  • This ON/OFF Raider Shirt protects you from cold and heat and has a “compression-massage-strengthening” function that prevents muscular oscillations and helps eliminate toxins and improves recovery.
  • The ultra-light knitting makes this tactical garment one of the lightest and which allows complete freedom of movement.